driving-slowLeadership In The Trenches: A Road Trip In Reality To Success starts by painting the picture of the harsh reality of today’s business environment in order to remind readers of the price of failure.  Then, for the next 12 chapters the book explains, in detail, the qualities, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the reader to not only succeed, but lead, regardless of that person’s “level” within an organization.

To begin, the book focuses on preparing the mind of the reader by giving a clear definition of ‘Leadership,’ what it means, and what it doesn’t mean.  From there, the book turns to the most important principles from organizational behavior and human psychology to teach the reader why people do what they do, covering topics of Emotional Intelligence (EI), Passive Resistance, and Cognitive Dissonance.

After building a foundational understanding of these psychological principles through easy-to-understand examples and anecdotes from the author’s life, the book continues through several chapters about management techniques.  These chapters include Setting Expectations (both for the self and for others), Financial Reporting, Turning Negative Situations into Opportunities, and Creating Backup Plans and Exit Strategies.

The final focus of the book revolves around principles related to appropriate managerial skills and attitudes.  These topics cover Trust and Interpersonal Dependency, Separation of Business and Personal Life, Focusing on Ability, and Communication.

Throughout the book, the recurring theme of ‘Leading at any Level’ reminds readers that no matter their current position, they can use these principles to lead within their own sphere.  Another recurring theme is that awareness of the self and the thought processes of others are key skills to being an effective leader.

Leadership in the Trenches is a breakthrough book about practical leadership in an ever-changing business environment. Check your ego at the door and get ready to roll up your sleeves and make profound changes in the way you deal with people.

What is it that truly motivates people to become the best they can be? Leadership theorists and motivational gurus have filled bookstore shelves with volumes that have not yet provided practical, everyday, in-the-trenches solutions to the burgeoning problems faced by managers in these difficult economic times.

David Pomeroy knows how to motivate people to perform at peak levels in all aspects of their lives. As the founder and former CEO of a publically traded company, David has 40 years of business experience and has employed more than 2,500 people, generating annual revenues of approximately $1 billion.

What is your worst roadblock to success? Is it you?

Then unlock your fourth gear and improve your life.

The new era in the knowledge economy requires new techniques and new messages to address its new problems. Tapping into personal experience backed by the research of psychological pioneers, David Pomeroy provides simple yet revolutionary ideas and philosophies on how to succeed in all your business, home, and community ventures.

This book contains a fresh, practical application to the issue of leadership vs. management. Discover how an understanding of human nature and an ability to harness self-awareness – instead of just punishing people – will guide you to success.